Practices and courses

Working together with you, our certified trainers will choose the most appropriate training method for the objectives and needs that are discussed in the first meeting.

On request it’s even possible to develop specific and customized training.


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Our courses

One to one

Private lessons are the best way
to learn the various techniques of Fusion Pilates.
You will be personally guided by the teacher
and the program will be designed
and customized along with
your individual needs and goals.


These lessons are conducted with a partner
of the same general fitness level, ensured by the teacher.

Tower and
chair class

These lessons are for groups of 2
to 4 people.
It will be the teacher’s responsibility
to evaluate
the client’s skill level
and readiness.

Mat Class

Mat classes are for groups of 3 to 9 people.
Classes are kept small in order to ensure a quality experience.
Before enrolling in Mat Class it could be necessary a minimum number of individual lessons (One to One).