Fusion Pilates

Fusion Pilates embodies the successful union of the Pilates method and its evolution, Fletcher Pilates ®, together with sports disciplines such as Dance, Yoga, Aerobics, Weight-lifting and Barre Workout.

Fusion Pilates soul and master, Estella Kelemen, is capable of blending together the training principles of the many disciplines she is certified for, with passion and specialization, to shape your new training experience.


Abdominal toning (core power house)

Joint and muscle flexibility Pilates

Postural improvement

of Pilates


Mind and body relaxation

Circulation and blood pressure improvement

Internal organ massage

of Yoga


Metabolism and silhouette optimization

Respiratory system improvement

Muscular vascularity improvement

with Aerobics


Muscle toning

General Strength improvement

Tendon and ligament strengthening

of Weight-lifting


Posture improvement

Muscle stretching and drainage

Silhouette shaping and modelling

Danza and Barre Workout

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