Emanuele Risorto

“At the age of 16 I started devoting myself to dance, studying in deep disciplines such as “Jazz”, “Funky”, “Classical”, “Contemporary”, “Modern” up to 2002 when I achieved the scholarship for the IALS (Music and Theater Dance Center) in Rome. Finalist in the “Michele Abbate” international dance competition, I deepened my training experience in the field of “Hip-hop” and “Jazz” alongside important international choreographers and teachers. In 2005 I joined the dance company of the “ITAI Contemporary Dance Company”, debuting at the Greek Theater in Taormina. In 2008 I obtained a master’s degree with Michele Merola, a renowned choreographer, dance teacher and artistic director and I started my activity as teacher and choreographer. An injury forced me to leave my career and I began a training course in holistic disciplines and postural activities that I already practiced as a dancer. In 2013 I further deepened my Pilates studies by attending numerous specialization courses including Matwork, Props (small tools) and large machinery. I have also enriched my holistic skills with a diploma in Power Yoga and an instructor certificate in “Functional Training”. The collaborations nowadays matured with many gyms and postural centers have been strategic for the “on the field” implementation of the theoric part”.